Beyond The Stages of Grief – Non-CEU

Kailey Bradley-Thomas · October 3, 2020

The purpose of these trainings seeks to provide an empathetic and engag- ing learning experience

We all experience grief both personally and pro- fessionally. Yet, we have few spaces to talk and equip ourselves to deal with it! Kailey believes that it is okay to feel un- comfortable and awkward.

  • Participants will be able to understand the history of how the mental health field has understood grief. 
  • Participants will be able to identify shortcomings in past understandings of grief
  • Participants will be able to utilize new understandings of grief to better companion clients. 

6.25 CEUS for Counselors is available.

About Instructor

Kailey Bradley-Thomas

Kailey is a LPCCC-S and clinical thanatologist! She is passionate about creating safe spaces to talk about grief. She specializes in working with individuals of all ages, with special interest and care given to children’s bereavement, complicated grief, perinatal loss, and chronic illness. Kailey has completed training at the center for loss and life transition and is a licensed clinical thanatologist.

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