A Haven for Difficult Conversations

It is our mission to validate and normalize difficult conversations. 
We seek to companion, not treat, the difficult adjustments that life brings.

Who We Are

At Refuge Counseling, therapists provide counseling services on a wide range of mental health-related services. We specialize in grief support, chronic illness, and sex therapy. Refuge Counseling is sex-positive, LGBTQIA affirming, and a safe place to navigate any transition. We seek to be a haven to have difficult conversations.

What To Expect?

It is totally unnerving to begin the counseling process. I hope that this article provides a little comfort that it is okay to be anxious about starting the counseling process.

Meet Your grief counselors

Kailey Bradley


Kailey has a background in hospice work and feels that companioning and advocating for grievers is her life’s passion. Kailey believes that grief is not a problem to be solved or a diagnosis to fix. Kailey’s goal through her trainings, groups, and individual counseling sessions is to create a refuge where the normal plethora of emotions of grief are normalized and accepted as valid.  

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