About Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy/Counseling is like any other therapy/counseling session, but with a focus on sexual health, function, and intimacy. This can include a wide range of issues from performance anxiety, pain during intercourse, or relationship struggles. 

Why work with a Therapist that specializes in this field?

Unfortunately, most graduate levels programs do not offer human sexuality classes, or if they do, only touch the surface regarding many sexual issues. Working with a specialist in any area is one way to ensure that you are working with an individual with dedicated training. A therapist that works in the area of sex therapy, and one that is a member of AASECT, is going to be literate in issues surrounding sexual health and functioning. 

Sex Therapy is not Sex Surrogacy

Sex therapy does not involve physical contact of any kind including sexual activity between the client and therapist. If at any time a client were to feel uncomfortable or struggling in boundaries with their therapist, they are encouraged to speak up and/or seek out a different therapist with whom they feel more comfortable. Certain legal and ethical laws protect both client and therapist if these lines are crossed. 

We are a sex positive agency! What does it mean to be sex positive?

Sex positivity means that sexuality is viewed as integral to human flourishing and a key component of what it means to be a healthy human. We discuss the many ways sexuality interfaces with all areas of our lives including relationships, work, physical health, and spirituality.   We attempt to handle the topic of sexuality that combats sex negative messaging that you may have encountered growing up.  We handle the topic in a non-judgmental fashion and are eager to dispel shame surrounding the topic of sexuality. 

What types of issues are typically seen by a sex therapist?

The list is expansive!  Sex therapists are trained and comfortable in working with individuals who are coming in due to relationship conflict, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, sexual pain, postpartum sexuality, infertility, LQBTQI+, monogamous or non-monogamous relationships, gender transition/questioning, infidelity, general sexual health exploration, sexuality disability, aging, sexual compulsion, problematic pornography use, and more.  Refuge Counseling is unique in that we also work with the intersections of two taboo topics (Greif & Sex) and spend time working with clients on the topic of sexuality during illness and loss.   

At Refuge Counseling we take to heart our mission statement that we are, “A safe Haven for difficult conversations.” This applies not just to the topic of sessions, but to the people who seek out our practice for help. We proudly welcome, advocate, and champion every demographic. 

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