How to Honor Your Loved One During Holidays

I recently was asked the question of how to honor your loved one during the holiday season. 

This list is not exhaustive, and are just a few ideas of ways to feel like you are paying homage to your loved one. 

Toast your loved one before a holiday meal. 

Cook one of your loved one’s favorite dishes. 

Light a candle to represent your loved one during the holiday season and keep it lit during special times. 

Donate to a charity your loved one was a part of or participate in an activity that charity has going on this holiday season. 

Make a memory jar where people can place special memories they have with your loved one. 

Frame photos of you and your loved one during the holidays that you can put on a special table or on a special spot. 

Create a thankfulness table-cloth, where you can write on the tablecloth things you were and are grateful about your loved one. 

Create a memory ornament, commemorating your loved one. 

Find a memorial service, or event during the holiday season to take a moment to publically acknowledge your loved one. 

Find spaces, and ways to say your loved ones name out loud. 

Allow for self-care. 

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